Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Venice Itinerary

Day 1.

Arrive in Venice and check into the hotel Abbazia. After unpacking I will stroll over to the nearby St. Mark's square to clear my head from the long flight. I will eat at the Antico Martini which is nearby St. Mark's square. This restaurant has a reputation for being one of the most romantic in Venice. After dinner I will liesurely make my way back to my hotel, prepare myself for the next day and rest after my long trip.


Day 2.

I will rise, prepare myself for the day and eat breakfast at the hotel. I will make my way again to Saint Mark's square, because the previous night was only a little taste, drawing me back. I will spend my morning perusing the many sights of the square, chase pigeons and go to Mass. I will check out Saint Mark's Basilica. After that I will eat lunch at Al Giardinetto da Severino, right in St. Mark's square. This restaurant is relatively less expensive that the one I splurged on last night, is friendly and intimate and has been run by the same family for half a century.

Website: www.osteriaallabotte.it

After lunch I will head to Doge's Palace, located on St. Mark's square. Doge's Palace dates back to before Reniassance times and contains many priceless artwork inside, including the largest oil painting in the world; Tintoretto’s “Paradise”.

I will eat dinner at the pricey Ristorante Cantina Canaletto, near St. Mark's square. This restaurant will be a welcome break from the hourdes of tourists, or so I've read.

After dinner I will take my time working myself back to my hotel and retire for the evening.

Website: www.hotelcipriani.it

Day 3.

I will arise and eat breakfast in my hotel. I will head to the Rialto Bridge, dating from the 1500's and was as socially significant now as it is today as a town meeting place. There are many shops lining both sides and I will spend much of the morning and early afternoon perusing the many sights to behold here and take it in. This bridge was the first bridge to span the grand canal. I will eat lunch at the nearby San Lio Restaurant, and enjoy a seafood dish.



In the evening I will take a tour by gondola. After my gondola ride I will eat dinner at Le Bistrot de Venise, in the heart of Venice near St. Mark's square.



After dinner I will make my way to my hotel, taking my time and undwinding for the day, taking in all I have experienced thus far.

Day 4.

My last day in Venice! In the morning, after eating breakfast at the hotel I will head over to St. Mark's square and from there take the free boat to Murano, located north of Venice, famous for it's hand blown glass. After checking out the attractions there I will take thevaporetto back to St. Mark's Square, and eat lunch at the Carpaccio restaurant.

Website: http://www.ristorantecarpaccio.com/

After lunch I will head back to my hotel to check out, and head to my next destination; Milan!

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