Saturday, February 13, 2010

Milan Itinerary

Day 1:

I will arrive in the great international city of Milan in the afternoon. I will check into the Hotel Spadari al Duomo first thing. The average price a night of this hotel is $332. The top reason I have for selecting this hotel is it's ideal location in the heart of Milan, just a stone's throw from the Duomo and the Galleria. This hotel has conistently great reviews, I've read satisfied customers talk about the friendly and helpful staff, the cleanliness of the hotel, and the good breakfast offered.


I will spend the afternoon at the Duomo, right near my hotel.


The Duomo, the Cathedral of Milan, is the center of tourist activity in Milan. I will explore the activity and then I will catch an elevator up to the roof and walk around. From the roof I'll get a great view of the city. Also from the roof I'll be able to get a close look at the city’s symbol - the golden Madoninna, or little Madonna, who sits atop the Duomo’s tallest spire.


In the evening I will eat at the famous Savini restaurant, right near the Duomo and my hotel. This restaurant is reputed as Milan's finest. A perfect way to conclude a great day. In a addition to great food this restaurant is decorated impeccibly with period pieces, creating a sophistacated dining experience.

After dinner I will head to my hotel for the night.

Day 2.

After breakfast at the hotel I will head over to the the Scala Theater. In the morning I will check out the Scala Theater museum, which has art and costumes, as well as information on the history of the theater. After I am done with perusing the museum, I will head to lunch before catching a show at the theater in the afternoon. For luch I will eat Antica Hostaria della Lanterna. This restaurant is located a little ways from the Scala Theater but not too far. They have excellent local cuisine and the price is very reasonable for the quaility of service and food I have read, the price range is $15-$35.

After my lunch excursion I will head back to the Scala Theatre to catch a show. At the conlusion of my afternoon I will head in the evening to the Ristorante L'Assassino restaurant. This restaurant is located in the center city and for the location of the restaurant the and quality of this food the price is reasonable I have read from reviews. This restaurant is right behind the cathedral and boasts authentic Tuscan food. I have read you can't go wrong with the one.

After dinner I will make the short walk back to my hotel for the night.

Day 3.

This day after breakfast I will head to the metro and catch a ride to the Cairoli Castello stop to visit the Sforza Castle.


The Sforza Castle was build in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza. This castle used to me the seat and residence of the ruling family of Milan. It now houses several of Milan's art collections. On piece of art that is noteworthy is the surviving ceiling painting by Leonardo DaVinci in the Sala Delle Asse. Also this castle houses Michealangelo's last sculpture, his Rondanini Pietà which he died while working on, along with other very significant works of art.


I plan on staying a good part of the day there because I like to take my time looking at art and the other collections full of interesting artifacts. I will take a break for lunch and grab some concessions available at the castle, concessions cost 10 Euros.

After my day at the Sforza Castle, I will catch the metro back to the section of the city where my hotel is and eat dinner at the nearby Cantine della Vetra. THis restaurant has top italian-french cuisine. It is a tad bit expensive but reviewers say that the food is excellent.

After dinner I will head to my hotel and rest for my last day in Milan.

Day 4.

I will arise and eat breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast I will walk to the Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is famed for housing Leonardo Da Vinici's famous fresco of the Last Supper.


After spending the morning and early afternoon at The Santa Maria delle Grazie, I will eat lunch at Le Cantine di Milano, right near the Duomo. Lunch is about 13 Euros. This restaurant uses fresh quality ingredients and it's menu consists of dishes which combine innovation and tradition. Also live music is played. A great way to conclude my stay in Milan!


After lunch I will head back to my hotel to check out and make my way to my next adventure.

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  1. Looks like a great trip, Shana!
    You should always refer to the Scala as La Scala- it is a very famous Opera House.

    La Professoressa