Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stop 1: Venice- Where to stay.

I am excited to embark on my Italian adventure! My first stop will be in Venice, the city built on stilts. Here are a few places where I am considering to stay while I am there.

The first place I'm looking at is the San Clemente Palace Hotel. This gem of a hotel is worth the price of approximately 316 USD a night. Hey, this may be my only time in Venice so I may as well live it up. This hotel has excellent guest ratings. It boasts it's own island, on which there used to be a monastery and a lunatic asylum. Such an interesting history will only add to the magic. This hotel is a cut above many because of it's privacy and peacefulness. The charm of the island has been preserved and enhanced through this hotel.


The second place I'm interested in is the Hotel Campiello, in the heart of Venice. While not quite as luxurious as the San Clemente Palace Hotel, this hotel appears to be of very good quality. It's location is ideal, very close to St. Mark's Square and near the water busses. The location is what attracts me most to this hotel. I've found a room available for 110 Euros, which translates into $150 USD.


The third place I may stay is the Hotel Abbazia. This charmer is set in an old abbey. It has been restored to preserve it's beauty. This hotel appears to me because it seems laid back and I've read that the staff is very accessible if you'd like to chat with them and be inriched with their wealth of local knowledge. The hotel is only 100 metres from Santa Lucia Station. Water bus transportation is available nearby. I appreciate the intimacy of this hotel, only 50 rooms. Also what appeals to me is being able to eat breakfast in the peaceful garden. I found a room for 150 Euros, that is about 206 USD. A great value, what deal!


I'm sure any of these option would be a great experience, I just need to decide which one I'm most inclined to.

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