Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tuscan Side Trip: Franco's Wine Tour

For my excursion I will take a wine tour with Franco Fadda. Franco Fadda was born and raised in Siena and knows Tuscany intimately...the land and the people. He grew up driving around visiting areas in Tuscany which tourists flock to today. This bilingual charmer loves to share his passion for Tuscan with others and will treat you like a friend he is showing off his beloved home to. Before he became a tour guide he was a farmer, working the very land to be toured.

Franco is very laid back and friendly. Reviewers say that after spending a day with him it was like they were saying ciao to a good friend! Franco will take good care of you and does the driving so you are free to enjoy the wine to your hearts content. Franco is a very safe driver reviewers say.

Franco is more than willing to come pick me up from from my hotel in Florence, he is also willing to pick you up in other nearby cities and towns such as Siena. I am taking the Chianti Region tour. He accepts tours from parties ranging from two to six, so I will need to bring a friend or two with me! He drives a comfortable air conditioned mini-van.

The Chianti region is famous for being the widest wine region in Tuscany, spanning between Siena and Florence. The region is famous not only for its wines but also for being the location of the longest war between two cities, from the beginning of the middle ages until 1555 when Siena lost to Florence. The fighting was over land.

The tour begins at 8:30 am while Franco driving us south of Siena along the white old roads, through many old and beautiful villages. Our first stop will be at a little winery where the owner will describe to us the process of making wine. Following will be information about the history of the region, including the Etruscan Tombs of the sixth century BC, which were hidden and recenly discovered in the middle to the forest. Very intersting!

After our first stop we will stop at a castle where they produce wine in larger quantities. This stop will involve a tour of the underground medieval wine cellers and tasting of extra virgin olive oil.

Afterwards we will have an authentic full course Chianti lunch, followed by a tour of a little known but charming village of Vertine. Vertine has a population of 45. Only a tour guide like Franco would be able to lead you to such a place!

Our last stop is in Radda where we will once again sample wine, olive oil and balsamic vinagarette. Franco will escort us back to our hotel and thus will end a wonderful time spent with him and the people of Chianti!

Franco offers other tours besides the Chianti tour, inluding options for non-wine tasting tours such as an extra virgin olive oil and truffle tour. All tours are organized together with Franco and customized to you personally. You can't go wrong with Franco!

Franco Fadda's Wine Tours

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